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brick maze

Location: Western Sydney, Australia, Earth

Type: Buildings

Energy: Dark​



The Brick Maze is a collection of apartment buildings that is virtually impossible to navigate. It serves as the home of the Shadow Gang, a group of people with dark souls, who were shunned and rejected by society.

Most people don't know what lies within the Brick Maze, due to the surrounding dark energy and confusing alleys, with the exception of the local government and a few high ranking police officers.

The Brick Maze was originally designed by an architect named Wendy Blights in the late 1920's, as her twin brother was a dark soul and couldn't cope with being surrounded by light souls. While the Brick Maze was being built, at the time in the middle of the countryside, the pair travelled the country, collecting dark souled people, many of which were homeless. 

A thriving community soon grew, with access to water and electricity paid for by the government, and they live in the Brick Maze to this day.

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