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colour realm

Keeper: Colour

Type: Dimension

Energy: Colour

Guardians: Colour Guardians

Role: Sanctuary



The Colour Realm is made up of both matter and energy, however, the two cannot exist as one and any merged forms that enter will be instantly torn into separate entities. Namely, if an inhabited form enters the Colour Realm, their soul will be removed from its body and the two will remain separate until they both leave.

Colour is the only current resident of the Colour Realm, with the exception of her Colour Guardians, which are made up of converted energy and stray consciousness from the Physical Realm. They are among the only beings able to pass in and out of the Colour Realm as they please.

Unlike the other Realms, the Colour Realm can only be entered through a single access point by physical beings. If separated from the body, a consciousness may also enter, but only with permission.

Colour energy is highly unstable and extremely difficult to control. While elements of the Physical realm can be manipulated by both Light and Dark souls of high rank, its deepest essence can only be mastered by a being of the entire spectrum.

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