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dark realm

Keeper: Darkness

Type: Dimension

Energy: Dark

Guardians: Shadow Guardians

Role: Sanctuary, Containment 



The Dark Realm is made of energy, but due to its emptiness, can also house matter. It is controlled by the Infinity Spirit Darkness, and under his command, general maintenance of the Physical Realm is carried out by  Shadow Guardians of various ranks.

Shadow Guardians do not enjoy their work, and are rewarded with dark energy and rank in exchange for the jobs they do, though this is never motivation enough for one to volunteer.

While Dark Souls do enter physical bodies the same way Light  Souls do, they are usually greatly outnumbered and usually prefer to keep their higher energy points closed.

Shadow Guardians generally take care of the Physical Realm's maintenance, removing excess dark energy and containing anomalies in the Dark realm.

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