Full Name: Dazzle (Dim Formerly)

Species: Colour Soul (Dark Soul Formerly)

Planet: Hipolia (As of book two)

Gender: Male

Status: Shadow Guardian (Formerly)


Dazzle was created by Darkness, and for his entire life, has lived in the Dark Realm, serving as a Shadow Guardian and going by the name Dim. He was among the most experienced of his kind, though his appearance never gave this away. When Mystery caused an imbalance, he followed Shade and Gloom, who were tasked with capturing the Starshifter.

When Mystery escaped from the Dark Realm, he volunteered to help the others track him down, though actually slowed their progress.

initially, Dazzle was a shadow guardian that went by the name oim.


When he was still a dark soul,  Dazzle longed more than anything to feel emotions, and was deeply frustrated by his inability to do so. Despite his hatred of his own existence, he tended to put on a  chilled out, goofy facade in front of his colleagues, much to their annoyance.

Dazzle has a cheerful, outgoing attitude towards life and tries his best to experience everything at least once. 


Still possessing certain  Shadow Guardian abilities, Dazzle can sense the presence of Starshifter energy, and open small, low-energy portals within a single realm.

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