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Dominant Species: Kweezoo

Type: Ice

Location: Milky Way

Appearances: N/A



Gwigspur is a medium sized ice planet within the Milky Way.

It has several continents, a large saltwater ocean and no moons. Its gravity is slightly weaker than that of Earth, and while its atmosphere is of the same thickness, it is made up of more nitrogen than oxygen.

The planet used to be more tropical, but underwent an ice age that never ended.


The majority of Gwigspur is covered in ice, but there are still forests and open patches of land.

The majority of the plants and animals that originally inhabited the planet, died out as a result of the temperature drop.

Those that survived had to adapt, and many new species have appeared over time.

While a lot of the planet's surface has been colonised by the Kweezoo, they built their civilization mainly underground, leaving the majority of the natural environment intact.


There aren't many animals that inhabit the planet. While there are a few predators, the majority of the animals are herbivores.  Almost all of them are very well adapted to the cold climate, with only a few, spending most of their time underground, away from the cold and feeding on roots and insects.

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