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Dominant Species: Hipothonlians

Type: Jungle

Location: Multiverse

Appearances: Book One, Book Two



Hipolia, is a large jungle planet, located in the centre of the physical multiverse.

It serves as the home and sanctuary of the Hipothonlians. 

Due to its location, it is virtually inaccessible to all species that inhabit the various universes.

Hipolia has three moons, and is relatively close to an asteroid belt.

Because of this positioning, meteor showers are quite common, although it is rare for them to ever hit the planet. Most large asteroids are deflected by the planets energy field, and smaller ones are burnt up in the atmosphere.

As the planet is not actually located in a universe, there aren't any stars surrounding it. Instead, the distant universes fill the night sky.


Hipolia's ecosystems do not include any carnivores.

Majority of trees and plants produce fruit, and animals naturally assist in their life cycles.

Weather and the movement of clouds is heavily affected by the planet's energy field, which has its own currents and behaves a bit like a sea.

As the world has no problems with population control or societal growth, natural disasters are non-existent.

While Hipolia is mostly covered by jungles, there are also various different forests and occasional fields. Deserts are extremely rare.

The vast majority of plant life also has bio-luminescent properties, resulting in a naturally occurring light show during the night, as well as in the denser parts of the jungle where little light reaches the forest floor.


Hipolia's wildlife consists of numerous species of herbivorous animals, many of which can be compared to mammals, birds, reptiles and fish.

While hipothonlians don't typically keep pets, they do enjoy interacting with animals as they pass through their territory.

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