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Light realm

Keeper: Light

Type: Dimension

Energy: Light

Guardians: Light Guardians, Elder Guardians

Role: Sanctuary



The Light Realm is a Dimension in which exists only light and energy. It is the birthplace and home of all Light Souls and is nurtured and protected by the Infinity Spirit, Light.

Light Souls grow by merging their energy bodies with a matter form in the Physical realm. Once inside, most will undergo a state of amnesia unless serving a particular purpose which requires otherwise. They will spend this temporary life relearning as much about themselves as they can as well as fulfilling a predecided purpose, until their physical form is no longer needed or becomes unstable.

Most physical bodies also come with three imperfect energy centres which the soul will in most cases learn to master and overcome.


Upon returning to the Light Realm, Light Souls recover and recharge from their previous life and recover their past knowledge.

All knowledge and experience obtained in the Physical Realm is added to and stored in their collective consciousness.

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