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Full Name: Mystery

Species: Unknown

Planet: Hipolia (as of book one)

Gender: Male

Status: Starshifter



Mystery lived most of his life on his home planet, where he was shunned and abused by the rest of his people, who were frightened by his abilities.

At one point, he lost control of his powers, which resulted in half of his planet being destroyed.

He was held prisoner in the Dark Realm by the Shadow Guardians for a long time before finally escaping.


Mystery is usually quiet and timid, forced to suppress his more flamboyant, sassy nature.

His deep longing to be loved and accepted is what drives him to keep going and prevents him from giving up in the face of adversity.


When he was trying to escape from the Shadow guardians, he moved from planet to planet, trying to blend in with his surroundings until his powers inevitably gave him away.


Unlike Razar, Mystery has a lot more practice using his Starshifter abilities, although his fear usually prevents him from fully controlling them.

While he is quite confident in his shapeshifting skills, he doesn't like to step too far out of his comfort zone, and usually prefers to remain in a form that is not unlike his own. Namely, he favours a form that is small, quadrupedal and that has a tail of some description. While on Earth, he takes the shape of a black cat. 

Mystery is generally quite cautious when using his telekinetic abilities, as they frequently result in an explosion. He is also able to jump into the second dimension, while still being able to perceive time and energy.  His telepathic abilities come naturally to him, as this is his race's primary means of communication.

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