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Full Name: Razar

Species: Hipothonlian

Planet: Hipolia

Gender: Female

Status: Starshifter



Razar spent the majority of her life on her home planet, living with the rest of her cluster. When she finally got bored of exploring her own world, she ventured to Earth, where she first encountered the Shadow Gang. 

After being captured by the Australian government, she spent a further twelve years locked up in an underground base, learning about humans and their culture.


Razar is curious and sarcastic, and also tends to be rather stubborn. While she can easily give the impression of confidence, she is extremely insecure and has serious trust issues, particularly regarding humans. She is also quite creative, although she has few chances to express this while off-world.

She is a huge nerd and is completely obsessed with a British science fiction show called The Time Box. While she isn't overly fond of human food, she has taken a liking to pizza without cheese and dairy-free chocolate. Like the rest of her species she is a vegan.


As a Starshifter, Razar is able to communicate with the universe and manipulate energy. However, her lack of practice means that she is only able to access a tiny fraction of her power.

Her flight and camouflage are not a result of being a Starshifter. These abilities are possessed by every other member of her species, as is the green slime she can shoot from her mouth, her night vision and the gripping scales on her hands and feet.

Her powers that come from being a Starshifter include her telekinesis, shapeshifting and ability to open portals and navigate the void. While mind-reading can be theoretically achieved by any hipothonlian, it requires a lot of practice and only very few are actually good at it. Razar is able to gain access to the conscious minds of others, however, her skills are not advanced enough to probe the subconscious, memories or emotions.

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