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Full Name: Reed Birchmann​

Species: Human​

Planet: Earth

Gender: Male

Status: Government Agent 


Reed's career as a government agent began as a result of his father being quite high up in the ranks, as he himself had no actual interest in the field.

He was getting quite close to losing his job before he accidentally met Razar, whom the government then captured. Soon after General Guy Mallender took over from Penelope Elks after she retired, Reed broke into Razar's cell, trying to prove that she wasn't dangerous.

He spent the next twelve years hanging out with her, while also training her under the General's orders. When she found out, she escaped and their friendship ended.


Reed doesn't have a huge amount of confidence in his own abilities. He is generally driven to succeed by wanting to please others, rather than following his own heart. His reasoning can also be easily taken over by his ego if it happens to be fed to a large enough size.

After he loses Razar's trust, he feels extremely guilty and is desperate to make it up to her. 

He was originally a meat eater, however he became a vegetarian soon after befriending Razar.


Reed wasn't initially a very talented agent, however over the years, he picked up a lot of skills through training and spending time with Razar.

Although he rarely admits it, he is a very good cook.

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