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Full Name: Tyler Elks

Species: Human

Planet: Hipolia (as of book two), Earth (Formerly)

Gender: Male

Status: Unemployed, Government Agent (Formerly)



Tyler is the youngest of three brothers, and most of his adult life involved unsuccessful attempts to hold onto a job for more than a couple of days.

After being fired from an extremely short career at the local cinema, he met Razar, and after helping her retrieve her energy crystals, he was hired by the government, replacing Reed's old partner Andrew.


Tyler's unmotivated, laid back attitude is mainly a result of his upbringing. He was rarely ever pushed to do anything and was for the most part, ignored by the rest of his family. As a small child, he spent a lot of time being babysat by his grandmother, who constantly drilled into him the idea that he was completely useless.

Tyler doesn't have any hobbies and generally avoids taking risks trying new things. In his spare time, he enjoys listening to rock music and sleeping. He also likes eating, although people usually avoid watching while he does this.


Tyler is the sort of person you'd expect to start talking about precipitation and shovels. He isn't especially gifted in anything.

However, he is resourceful enough to survive by himself on an alien planet. He was also able to tame and ride a dragon.

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