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Home Planet: Naphara

Type: Light

Appearances: Book Two



The Nilphu are a race of small, insect-like primates that are native to the planet Naphara.​

While they are not yet the planet's dominant species, they are quite intelligent, and have developed language, music and culture.


Kweezoos are warm-blooded, much like Earth mammals. They have four stumpy legs and two small, four-fingered hands with opposable thumbs.


A kweezoo's entire body is covered in long orange fur. They have thicker hairs on the tops of their heads that stick up like feathers, called a comb. They also have similar hairs on their lower backs, known as a tail brush.

While kweezoos are omnivorous, they are vegans, due to their advanced civilization, as well as a natural lack of a killer instinct.

Every kweezoo has a special bacteria living within them, called a kaylue. The kaylue helps digest food, maintains the kweezoo's body temperature and strenthens their immune system.

A kaylue colony is initally made up of a mixture of cells halves from the kaylues of a kweezoo's parents. These halves join together within the kweezoo before it is born.

Kweezoos are typically not monogamous, and stay with their immediate families, who collectively raise all children.


Nilphus live in large village groups, that are usually situated in remote parts of the forest, so that two separate colonies meeting is often very rare.

A village is usually led by a queen, with individual jobs being overlooked by other nilphus of slightly lower rank. Clothing is only worn as a symbol of status, with decorative headpieces and other garments made by hand from the surrounding natural environment. The queen wears a crown made from the antlers of one of the large, native animals, which serves as a symbol of strength.

The majority of nilphus are polyamorous, with children being collectively raised by the village once they are no longer completely dependent on their mothers. 

If a leader does not fulfill their responsibilities, or the majority of a colony does not wish to be led by them, they will be replaced by the council. A kweezoo can easily switch colonies if they wish to.

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