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Home Planet: Hipolia

Soul Type: Colour

Appearances: Book One, Book Two



Hipothonlians are the dominant species of the planet Hipolia. They live in tight-knit family groups called clusters, which usually consist of a leader and three to seven other members.

Currently, there are only seven of them in existence.


Hipothonlians are physically designed for all terrains. Their scales are almost impenetrable, and they have gripping pads on their hands and feet, allowing them to climb vertical surfaces.


While they are physically able to consume most forms of matter, they will only absorb nutrients and energy from the fruit that grows on their own planet.

They have highly developed senses and are extremely strong and light, due to the crystalline structure of their skeleton and muscles.

Their bioluminescent scales form a unique pattern on each individual's body. The brightness of these scales indicates mood and energy levels.


As hipothonlians are not driven by fear or greed, their is no war, crime or currency on their world. 

The jobs that hipothonlians carry out are based on their own choice, and are not rewarded with wealth or status. A hipothonlian's rank is based on the age and maturity of their soul, as well as their contribution to the growth and protection of their world and the multiverse.


While they have no concept of fashion, they will tend to decorate themselves according to their individual tastes, and personalities.

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